Remedial massage is used to treat and promote recovery of a wide variety of conditions and soft tissue injuries related to sport, work or everyday life. For example:

  • Muscle strain and joint sprain
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • RSI such as tennis and golfers elbow
  • Hip pain
  • Muscular tension and stiffness
  • work-related aches and pains from working at a computer driving general overuse of muscle groups
Remedial treatment considers the whole problem, both the causes and symptoms. It uses a number of different techniques including massage, stretching, strengthening, rehabilitation advice & strapping and taping, as required. This will help to release and realign muscles, to reduce pain, increase mobility and restore function.


Stretches can be used with great effect in improving flexibility in both injury prevention and rehabilitation. It is an important part of the sports and remedial massage treatment and rehabilitation. Stretching programs can be devised to suit each individual and appropriate for their injury.


Srength training is regularly used in the rehabilitation of injuries more often than not, following an injury, there is at least some degree of weakness. Muscle injuries are the most obvious example, but also injuries to the associated tendons or structures within the joint that the muscle moves can cause weakness.

Rehabilitation will usually start with gentle, low intensity strengthening exercises, often without movement or through a very small range of movement. This will progress to greater movement and resistance once the exercises can be comfortably achieved, pain-free..


We can use strapping and taping techniques which can help the recovery process as well as protect you from further injury recurrence.